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Companies are moving away from the more conventional packaging solutions in favour of custom stand up pouches for a number of different reasons. You will see why personalised stand up pouches are beneficial to both consumers and manufacturers in every aspect, from the point of production all the way through to the point of purchase.

1. Printing on Flexible Media

When it comes to stand-up pouches made to order, obtaining printing that is highly individualised is much simpler than it is with other packaging options. Printing on metal tins takes more time than printing on stand-up pouches, and the quality of the printed image may not be as high. Concerns regarding labelling may occur when using different types of packaging, however these issues are avoided when using custom stand up pouches.

The printing technique known as flexographic printing is the most adaptable of all printing methods and is used for flexible packaging. It is able to supply you with fantastic high-definition graphics for your stand-up pouch packaging that you have customised. Printing with flexographic presses allows for the most precise ink control and the strongest lay-down across a wide variety of film types. Custom stand-up pouches, when combined with the cutting-edge digital printing method, may provide your goods the most captivating graphics available on the market.

2. Decrease in Total Expenditures

It is a no-brainer to switch to custom stand-up pouches and flexible packaging in general if you want to cut down on the amount of money spent on materials.

Take, for instance, the fact that the production of a customised stand-up pouch costs about 15 cents each time. This is significantly lower than the price of its most direct rival, the folded plastic carton, which sells for approximately 35 cents per unit. This price is significantly lower. Jars made of plastic are significantly more expensive than glass ones, with individual prices ranging between 45 and 50 cents. The metal jar is the option that results in the highest per-unit cost, with prices ranging from fifty cents to sixty cents or potentially even higher.

If you want to see a significant rise in the profit margins of your business, use stand-up pouches that are one-of-a-kind and custom-made rather than a rigid one.

3. A Simple Method of Transportation and Storage

Personalized pouches that stand up on their own save money during the distribution process as well. When using specialised stand-up pouches, it is possible to transport up to ten times as many individual items in a single truck while needing only half as many pallets. This enables you to store a greater quantity of your goods in a given space, and it also reduces the amount of time and work required to relocate it.

The weight of a product stored in a tailored stand-up pouch is extraordinarily low in comparison to that of the same quantity of goods stored in standard packaging. This is a significant advantage for the producer because the cost of transportation is proportional to the quantity of the shipment, and therefore, the heavier the shipment, the higher the cost. Because flexible packaging solutions use less space than traditional packaging options, producers are able to pack more items into a shipping container using flexible packaging than they could with rigid packaging.

4. Extra Convenience

Consumers have an insatiable appetite for convenience, and the value that unique stand-up pouches provide to a brand is incalculable. To begin, ensure the safety of your goods by using closures that can be resealed. This will allow your clients to have a more positive experience overall with the product you sell. Customers are able to prepare their food goods without having to remove them from the packaging if the stand-up pouches that are customised for them are built to be steamable.

Customers will observe businesses that select unique stand-up pouch packaging since it suggests that the businesses are paying attention to the requirements and preferences of the customers. These days, everything revolves on ease of use. A corporation that is adamant about continuing to use outdated containers will fall well behind its rivals in the market.

5. Variations in Size Available for Stand up Pouches

There is a huge variety of sizing and shape options available for stand-up pouches that have been custom printed. The conventional pouch, which has a round bottom and folds flat when it's empty, is the type of pouch that the vast majority of customers choose. Roll stock, flat-bottom box pouches, sing-web quad bags, and pinch-bottom box pouches are some of the other products that instapac flexibles has available. Custom pouches that stand out on their own are the way to go if you want your product to differentiate itself from others on the market.


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