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Reclose-able standup zip-lock pouches and bags are frequently used for storage, packaging, and shipping needs. These zip lock bags are extremely helpful for various applications across industries like food, manufacturing, electronics, construction, automotive, and many more. They are made to offer excellent protection to the products. Customers can choose from a range of sizes and mil thicknesses of clear zip plastic bags to suit their various storage, display, and shipping needs. It would be difficult for you as a customer to choose the appropriate item from the current selection of sizes. What size and mil thickness should you use for your applications? This page aims to provide a succinct explanation of this.

Selecting the Correct Size and Thickness Whenever buying stand up pouches

It's crucial to get the proper size zip lock bags for the storage needs you have in mind. When attempting to fit the contents into a small bag, the user runs the risk of causing a split or rip. Similar to how a huge bag would cost more and be more difficult to handle, So how can you tell if the bag you've chosen is the correct match for your needs?

To ensure you purchase clear zip stand up pouches that fit properly, keep the following in mind:

Measure from the bottom of the bag to the base of the re-closable seal to get the length (L) of the bag.

Measure the bag from side to side to determine its width, or W.

If your application necessitates keeping stiff objects, use a bag that is 1/2 wider than the bag's measured width (W). The hard object can readily fit through the bag opening by selecting the bag based on this calculation.

Adjust the dimensions in accordance with the goods' thickness or bulk. For example, to make the bag fit looser, add 12 to 2 inches to both sides.

In addition to being available in a variety of sizes, transparent zip plastic bags are also produced in a range of mil thicknesses. To achieve the desired outcomes, pick Zip lock bags that have the proper thickness. When picking mil for the bags, keep the following in mind:

To store products for a shorter period of time, choose reclosable bags with 1 Mil.

If your application necessitates preserving the items from contaminants like dampness and grime, choose 1.5 Mil zip bags.

To store items needing standard protection, pick 2 Mil clear ziplock plastic bags.

For extra protection is required when storing nuts, bolts, or other industrial parts, 3 Mil bags are typically utilised.

Use 4 Mil zip lock bags to store metal components that require strong defence.

In order to store heavy objects or parts with sharp corners, 6 Mil bags are typically used. The things stored benefit from additional robust protection provided by the bags with this thickness.

By speaking with the manufacturer from whom you are purchasing the goods, your misunderstanding about choosing the proper sized clear zip plastic bags will be resolved. Nearly all of the top manufacturers of plastic bags and suppliers of packaging materials, including instapac , would keep a capable customer service team dedicated to dispelling clients' questions about choosing the proper sized bags. These top suppliers guide you towards a wise purchase after carefully examining your application needs!

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