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We have given a whole new meaning to the concept of stand up pouches printing through wider color gamut through the development of a patented printing method that has completely transformed the packaging sector. The cutting-edge printing technique used by Instapac is capable of replicating an infinite number of colors, and since it is so precisely calibrated, we are able to guarantee an identical visual match between different jobs, regardless of how much time passes between them.

The improvement of the color brilliance of the image itself is possible thanks to our system, which adds even more value to the customized packaging solutions we provide for our customers. Because of our cutting-edge ink distribution technology, we are able to forgo any and all ink changes, which results in up to 95 percent less wasted ink, a significant reduction in the amount of solvent used, and a high-speed setup between tasks. We believe that a more sustainable production solution necessitates both a decrease in waste and an improvement in productivity in order to achieve the desired results.

Our system's extended gamut provides color capabilities, flexibilities, and range that significantly surpass those found in conventional CMYK and line colors, and it also has the potential to significantly reduce both waste and expense. We at Instapac are no longer restricted by the number of printing decks; rather, we are constrained only by the creativity of our clients and the members of their branding team, which allows us to bring our clients' visions to life on a scale that was never before possible.


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