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Shrink Sleeves

Printed PVC Shrink Sleeves are the most commonly used in the industry for rigid products that need an overwrap as an replacement for printed labels . Shrink Sleeves are ideal for light bottles , jars and rigid products. It is basically a plastic sleeve that shrinks when heat is applied either manually through a hot air gun or when passed through a heat tunnel and , it has been designed in a way that it can withstand the heat while maintain its characteristics and print matter . We have 25 years of experience in manufacturing complex and high quality printed sleeves for top brands in India . 

Purpose :  Our Custom printed digital shrink sleeves from InstaPac are successful in a wide range of markets largely due to their aesthetic appeal and functional versatility. These highly attractive labels are printed on a flexible shrink film that reduces in size through the application of heat. Once the printed film shrinks, it conforms tightly to the shape of the container or product, creating a sleek label and product package. With a 360 degree display of fully multicolor digital printed brilliant artwork and text, custom shrink sleeves give products maximum aesthetic impact and marketing exposure.


Sleeve Types


Rounded Corners

Clear Windows

Handle Punch

Euro Holes

what makes us special ?

Digital printed pouches



10,000 PCS

printed stanup pouches



custom printed pouches



Why our customers      us

Our Digital printing technology is a game-changer for small and medium-sized businesses.

Digital printed pouches


Digital printing gives brands the ability to print to demand and place low minimum orders, drastically reducing costs, excess inventory and obsolete packaging. With our low minimum orders, brands can create limited edition packaging, run more promotions, and test new products in the market. Brands of all sizes can confidently make a big impact, without the cost and risk of committing to high minimum order quantities.


no plate or set-up fees

By shifting to digitally printed flexible packaging, setup and plate fees become a thing of the past. Traditional printing methods require plate fees and high minimums for each SKU, resulting in large upfront investments and unused inventory. The digital printing process doesn’t require plates, which means zero setup fees and more flexibility. Due to this added benefit, brands have the ability to make changes without the added costs of purchasing new plates.

go to market in days, not months


You shouldn’t have to wait 6-8 weeks for your packaging. With digital printing, brands can take their new packaging to market in a matter of days, not months. Our efficient production process enables brands to submit their art file online, make last-minute adjustments as needed, approve their final artwork, and begin production. Once the artwork has been approved, roll stock is shipped in 10 business days and finished pouches are shipped in 15 business days.

run multiple SKUs in one job


Brands have the ability to run multiple SKUs in one job, without the added costs associated with plates and setup fees. Unlike traditional printing methods, with digital printing, brands can combine unlimited SKUs, each of which only requires a digital file. By combining SKUs into one run, brands are able to order exactly what they need, when they need it.

how it works ?

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custom design standup pouches
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